About Joseph Jenkins

Joseph Jenkins is a young British tailor and garment technologist based in London. At the age of 17 he crafted his own bespoke velvet tuxedo for his end of school ball. From here he moved to London to study at London College of Fashion, where he later graduated with a BA (Hons) degree in Bespoke Tailoring. For his final collection Joseph created the first ever bulletproof ‘suit’ with the help of 5 International sponsors. 
During his time as a student in London he has had the chance to embrace the true cosmopolitan culture and was lucky enough to intern with legendary tailor Edward Sexton, who he credits to be the main reason he discovered his love for hand crafted british tailoring. In 2014 he founded Joseph Jenkins Bespoke, a service dedicated to Bespoke tailoring and garment creation hand crafted in London, with the possibility to create any garment imaginable.

Joseph’s inspirations come anywhere from fresh air to music, tattoos to antiques, nature to architecture. This he puts down to his incurably curious nature.


House Style

Anything goes – we are 100% dedicated to producing the garment you are visualizing.

Encourage discussion – Honest advice from your tailor.

Joseph Jenkins Style – staying true to values of balance, quality and tradition with modern spike, you can expect:

Clean balanced silhouette
Quintessentially British cut, this might include:

  • Cropped trouser length
  • High waistline
  • Soft fishtail waistband (for braces)
  • Shorter jacket length
  • Trouser turn-ups
  • Strong break line and lapel shapes

Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone – live a little.


Naomi Alice Brown – Bespoke jewellery


Stefan Avanzato – Master barber & mens grooming

Joseph believes that supporting smaller independent businesses with high levels of expertise is the more respectful and ethical way to do business, instead of feeding large corporations creating the illusion of choice, all for greedy economic gain.


Joseph at his London Studio

House Rules

Open your mind — become immersed in the experience, think freely.

Relax & get inspired — get comfy with a cup of tea (or something stronger) and surround yourself with an abundance of sartorial inspiration.

Open & honest conversation — Expert tailoring and garment technology knowledge, as well as like minded discussion.

Leave happy & confident — Satisfied and excited for your return.