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Desert Escape // Canyon Point ,Utah

Tranquility guaranteed. Jump over for a tour of the beautiful Amangiri hotel….

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Dzia // Street art perfection

Such an incredible series from Belgian artist Dzia. Jump over for more!….

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Oil on canvas // Antonio Santin

Fantastical oil paintings, jump over to see the close ups!…

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Mickael Jou // Photo and Form

Incredible photography, mystical levitation, leap over to witness how effortless it seems…..

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Duffy of London // Balloon Table

Another fantastic piece from Duffy of London, jump over for further wow-ness…

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Walking on water // Enchanting photography

Beautiful photography from Fox Grom in Northern Russia, Jump over for more….

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Body Art Feature // Chaim Machlev, ExpandedEye & Sasha Unisex

Real body art, emphasis on the ART. Love all three of these artists, all bringing very different styles, all resulting in brillaint energy in self expression. Was so hard/unfair to chose a lead image! Leap over to see more!…….

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Stunning work by the Nucleo design team in Italy, Beautiful way of explaining the work too. Leap over the gap for more….

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Re-engineered American Money // Travis Purrington

CRISP, Swiss student re-imagines american dollars. Jump over for more… you won’t regret it.

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Paul Kaptein // Wood

How beautiful is this ?!?!? Buddha caught in the glitch! Jump over for more breathtaking wooden sculptures…

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Damien Hirst // Mapping Cities

Fantastic new work by Damien Hirst, currently on show at The White Cube in Sao Paulo. Jump over for more…

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Joseph Jenkins Bespoke on InstaGram (36-74)

More from Joseph’s IG account, jump over for more….

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