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Heroes:Idols:Inspirations – Series One // COMING SOON

A preview of a series of feature length posts coming soon . Find out more on the other side…
(Feature image : Open your mind by Paulo Zebrato)

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Geoff Thompson // London Real

Next in my London Real instalments is both episodes featuring Geoff Thompson, soak up the knowledge from this gentleman after the jump…

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Peter Sage // London Real

Next in my uploads of London Real is a great episode featuring Peter Sage. Jump over for the video and more info…

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Plastic Paradise // Doc watch №002

Great documentary here, take it on board and try and make some changes! Stream link after the jump…

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Blackfish // Doc watch №001

One of the best things that I watched last year. Jump over for the link if you haven’t already taken in BLACKFISH….

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Graham Hancock // London Real & Joe Rogan Experience

Following the banned TED talk I posted previous, next is an abundance of material with Graham Hancock. Don’t miss out!…

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The Flow Show // Cairo

Tim “livewire” Shieff and Ben Jenkins visit Cairo, a super interesting video, check it after the jump.

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Jason Silva – Shots Of Awe

Absolutely love Jason Silva, Shots of Awe on YouTube is something I watch a lot of and I would highly recommend, get into a few Shots on the other side….

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danhardy 1

London Real // Dan Hardy

Massive fan of London Real, will be posting many episodes in the future. Will start with my favourite, Dan Hardy. You know what to do…

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Banned TED talks // Graham Hancock & Rupert Sheldrake

Originally banned TED talks from 2 of the leading free thinkers of our time, Graham Hancock & Rupert Sheldrake. WAKE UP and hit the jump to see the videos…

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The illusion of choice // Wake up.

Some great imagery to help you understand who is really in control here. Jump over for more…

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