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Tdub Photo // Sea Fireflies

Enchanting pictures of rare bio-luminessent shrimp in Japan, jump over for more!…

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Sigalit Landau // Salt Bride

Awesome transformation of a dress underwater in the Dead Sea. More over the other side…

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Mesmerising Blue Ice // Julieanne Kost

Calming, relaxing, mesmerising blue ice, hit the jump for more…

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Pawel Kuczynski // New World Problems

Fantastic Sartirical artwork from Pawel Kuczynski, jump over for more!

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The Perfect Overcoat

Dreaming of making a coat like this soon! Texture is oh so key, jump over to see a more detailed look at Fabio’s “Casentino”.

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Mousarris // Furniture goals

Fantastic furniture from Cypriot designer Stelio Mousarris. Jump over and get inspired!

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Floors of Barcelona// Sebastian Erras

Saw this and it reminded me of a recent trip to Barcelona, click over to see more.

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Random Tailoring Inspiration

Click over to see some things that have caught my eye lately in the tailoring world.

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Contemplation space // Estonia

Beautiful idea by interior architecture students from the Estonian Academy of Arts. Hit the jump for more…

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James Bullough // Modern Cubist perfection?

Some of my favourite work of late, hit the jump for much more!

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Pei-San Ng // Matchwork

Absolutely love this work by Taiwanese born artist Pei-San Ng, click on the jump to see more!

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Beautiful Budapest // Sunrise&Sunset

Jump over to catch some inspiringly beautiful images of Budapest, the capital of Hungary…

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