Order Guide

What you can expect from the Bespoke Experience


Day 1 – Consultation

Bespoke is for life, creating your own bespoke suit is much like designing your very own car, or furnishing your new home. An adventure of aesthetics, balance, engineering and craft – the ultimate in sartorial luxury. 
Get comfy, have a drink and an open conversation about all of your requirements and needs. Feel at home and amongst friends. With an abundance of sartorial knowledge and inspiration surrounding you to help inform. Here advice is given and decisions are made on cloth, linings and everything else, right down to the last stitch.

Finally measurements are taken in a comfortable environment and personal body formations are noted by the tailor. Once you are 100% satisfied, deposit is taken and you are booked in for your next appointment.
Getting to know the client is one of the most important parts of the bespoke process. This way the tailor can not only craft for the client’s shape and form, but for his mind and personality too.

Day 2 to 10 – Pattern Draft and Toile Creation

A traditional bespoke pattern will be created from your measures, this will then be archived for any later orders.


Day 11 – Toile Fitting

If this is your first garment with Joseph Jenkins Bespoke or if you would like to further visualize your new suit, a toile fitting will be scheduled.

A practice garment will be created from your pattern, at this stage it can be altered until the fit is perfect, you can also draw on pocket placements/lapel shapes and any details you’d like to further tailor.

This is a short meeting that can be held anywhere at your convenience.

Days 12 to 23 – Chalk & Cut

Suit basted ready for first fitting

After the toile fitting is complete, your suit will be cut from the final cloth, hand sewn and pressed ready for the first fitting.


Day 24 – First Fitting

This is when you first get to put on your brand new bespoke suit. Finally see how it will look and just as importantly – feel.
The suit is hand stitched (basted) together, so any further alterations can be conducted and small changes can be made if you desire.

Only when you are happy, will the suit continue to the next stage.

Day 25 to 35 – Suit Construction

Your suit is finally constructed, pockets put in place, linings and facings attached.


Day 36 – Second Fitting

At this stage any last alterations or changes can be made before finishing and buttonholes are applied. Sometimes known as a “sleeve fitting”, an opportunity to ensure the sleeves are perfectly balanced, and that stripes/plaids match up if necessary.

Day 37 to 43 – Hand Finishing

Your brand new suit is almost complete, finally your garments are hand finished including traditional hand sewn buttonholes. Your suit is pressed and ready for your final fitting and collection.


Day 44 – Final fitting

Your brand new bespoke suit is ready for collection. Final fitting and discussion with the tailor to ensure you are completely satisfied. Advice is given on how to best take care of your new suit, and also how to best “romance” your suit with accessories or mixing colours/patterns.
Wear, live and enjoy your new suit – don”t let it wear you!


You are always welcome to drop by for a chat or reach out for advice. With the purchase of any Joseph Jenkins Bespoke Suit you will be entitled to free alterations for that garment for life.

Timeline based on ideal circumstances, it is just a guide, not a timescale guarantee.