Lunation #1133

Extra long sleeve baseball shirt

— Lunation No. 1133


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Joseph Jenkins Bespoke would like to preserve the tradition and experience of human interaction, this is the true essence of bespoke.

The word "bespoke" is used so casually and seen almost everywhere in modern times. Historically when an item had been discussed, decided upon and sealed by a hand-shake, the deal had ‘been spoken for’ — birthing the tradition of bespoke.

Items are available as bespoke orders only.

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Lunation No. 1133 is a extra long sleeve cotton baseball shirt, featuring hand sewn custom back panel and hand finishing details.

  • Classic baseball shirt neckline.
  • Raw edge hem and sleeves.
  • Hand sewn custom back pannels.
  • Hand finished button stand details.
  • 5 button front.
  • Bespoke only (fitted to client, custom back panel, pockets, fabrics, personal touches, etc.)

Composition: 100% Cotton

Handmade in London